Cointiply Review – Cointiply Bitcoin Faucet

Cointiply Bitcoin Faucet

Welcome, and thank you for finding my Cointiply Bitcoin Faucet review. In this Cointiply review, I will provide a good overview of what Cointiply is, how the site works, the earning potential Cointiply offers, and my general experience in using Cointiply to earn some free cryptocurrency. I will state upfront that I have only had a very good experience in using Cointiply, been paid a number of times, and it really makes a difference when you use the site properly to boost your earnings!

How To Use Cointiply

Cointiply – as the name suggests – is an online earning platform which pays its users in ‘coins’ for completing any of the many earning options that are provided for and available on the website. These coins are then paid out in either Bitcoin or Dogecoin directly to the personal wallets of its users.
Earn Free Bitcoin
Cointiply offers many earning options including:

  • Free faucet roll every 60min
  • View PTC (pay-to-click) ads
  • Watch videos
  • Many offerwall options
  • Paid surveys
  • Install mobile apps
  • Play the Multiplier game
  • Play games
  • Refer other users
  • Redeem promo codes

Cointiply Promo Codes and Features

Promo Codes – As an existing, or new Cointiply member, I would recommend following them on some of their social media pages, or to download the Cointiply Mobile App (see below), as they often send out promo codes at random times to users, which when entered into the ‘promo codes’ section of the site – provides some free and instant coins to its users. It is always a good idea to claim these codes fast as each promo code is usually limited to a set number of total user claims before it expires.

Chat ‘Rain’ Pool – Cointiply has a very cool feature in that it rewards its users with free coins for being active in the ‘live chat’ section of the website many times each day. You will see it when logging into your dashboard. The idea behind it is to keep the Cointiply user community engaged, encourages active daily log-ins and it allows users to help each out when they have any questions. Best of all – its another way to earn some free coins while meeting other users.

Buy Pods – You can use your coins to buy three different types of ‘pods’ in the game (1,000, 5,000 or 10,000 coins each), which in turns provides you with different items that get placed within your ‘inventory’. Some of these items will be equippable (or permanent), and others can only be used for certain amounts of time before they lapse. When equipped, these items provide additional boosts and earnings increases to the different offers and tasks available on Cointiply.

Advertising – Let’s not forget the great advertising option that Cointiply also offers to its users. All of its users are real people (no bots), and thus you can create your own PTC (pay-to-click) campaigns on Cointiply and advertise any other opportunity you want to a like-minded target audience also looking for other ways to earn online.

Does Cointiply Pay?

Cointiply Withdraw

The simple answer, yes! Cointiply pays its users either through Bitcoin (BTC) or Dogecoin (Doge) and usually payments are completed within a few hours, although on the website it states that “All payments are processed in 24-72 hours.”

Minimum withdraw for BTC = 50,000 coins

Minimum withdraw for DOGE = 30,000 coins

(10,000 coins = $1)

As the price of cryptocurrencies are in a constant state of flux – the dollar value of your coins will get converted into the crypto of your choice (BTC or Doge) at the time of cashout at the current live rates at the time of conversion. You will then receive that number of satoshis (Bitcoin) or Dogecoins directly into your own wallet.

If you still need to set-up a wallet to receive your cryptocurrencies in, see some of my top-ranked and safe wallet options –>> HERE

Cointiply Mobile App

One of the features I love the most about Cointiply is the fact that it offers a very good and user-friendly mobile app (it was directly downloadable from the Google Play Store, but if this option should be removed by Google at the time of reading this review – simply create your new Cointiply account below and see where it can be downloaded on the website). The Cointiply mobile app interface is very clear and easy to use, and of course offers the user the ability to still continue earning coins whether at home in bed, on the couch, traveling on the road, or on the go any place in the world!

Cointiply Earning Tips (Additional)

Some additional earnings tips I can provide as a bonus to new and existing users are the following:

  • Surveys: Doing surveys on most online earning sites will often lead to the biggest cash/crypto or coin rewards (in the case of Cointiply). However, we all know that sometimes this can be bit of a frustrating experience, especially when getting screened out of surveys. Introducing Tap Research surveys – I usually check for any available surveys under this option daily, why? Because with Tap Research surveys you actually still get paid out a portion of the reward, even if you are screened out! (Note: Tap Research recently moved to mobile only – so if its not available on the website, check out the app).
  • Get referrals: Nothing better than passive earning and getting ‘free’ income right? Tell your friends, family or simply promote Cointiply wherever you like. Cointiply provides a nice referral system where you get paid 25% of all the faucet claims of your referrals FOR LIFE, as well as 10% of all of their offerwall earnings. Believe me, with a few active referrals this adds up nicely! 🙂
  • Earn interest on your balance: Users have the option to change their profile settings in this regard. When enabled – as soon you reach a minimum 35,000 coin balance, you will start receiving free 5% annual interest on your balance added to your account daily. Now you have coins generating more coins for free :). Some users are even depositing their own Bitcoin into their Cointiply wallets to take advantage of this feature.


If you love crypto in general and enjoy using and earning from crypto faucets, then Cointiply is a great site to add to your list of trusted earning sites to use daily. It has been around for a long time now, has never missed payments, has a big and loyal user base, and the great mobile app is a BIG plus!

Cointiply Login or Register

To log into your existing Cointiply account, or to register your new and FREE account simply —>>> CLICK HERE

Earn Free Bitcoin

Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions, or would like to share you personal earning experience with Cointiply. Would love to hear it!

As always, stay safe and happy earning! 🙂

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