Create a WordPress Website in 30-Seconds

How to Create a WordPress Website in Just 30-Seconds (Video)

This post is an extension to the one I did on ‘Starting Your Own Online Business‘ – and provides an insider look into the first steps of creating your own successful online website and business.

If you are where I was at the time, the sound of creating your own website is awesome, but how to do so in practice is a completely different story, especially if you have very limited, or no programming skills, as was the case with me. I even tried starting a blog or two, but quickly lost interest, or just found it too difficult to navigate and find out exactly what and how to properly do it – enter Wealthy Affiliate (WA). Enjoy a video I did below related to this topic.

What is WordPress and Why Choose it?

To most people, the task of building a WordPress website seems like something only paid professionals can do, I am here to share with you that that is no longer the case. Let me share an extract from one of the people I have learned a lot from – Kyle, the co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate.

“WordPress, an open-source framework that has a community of millions of people, and 10,000’s of developers. It is by far the most supported and powerful framework for building sites, however, WordPress alone still requires web hosting, FTP, a database and some technical knowledge to install.”

As you can see, although WordPress is probably the best source to create a website from, knowing exactly how to do so and without doing LOTS and LOTS of research and experiencing headaches, is simply too much of a challenge and VERY time-consuming. But then…

…Introducing WordPress Express!

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate created a website builder and released it within the WA platform called WordPress Express.

To quote co-owner Kyle again:

“It is probably the most efficient, techie free way to build a website that I have ever used and I actually created this website using it…and did so in less than 30 seconds. It takes all the technical stuff out of it including…

  • No FTP’ing files
  • No setting up databases
  • No worrying about DNS or Domain Registrars
  • No HTML or PHP
  • No photoshop
  • No expensive programs to buy”

Now, you are probably wondering about the 30-seconds to build your own website part, right?

Well, below I have included a training video proof from inside of the WA platform which will show how you, and anyone else, can accomplish this as well. Simply click on the video below to see the simple process of installing a WordPress website from scratch – including naming it, choosing a theme, and then installing it – just watch and enjoy!

Build a WordPress Site in 30 Seconds

Hopefully that got you excited and you got a glimpse of what the WA platform has to offer! In fact, this website you are on now was started from scratch in exactly the same way 🙂

You can get your own niche WordPress website set-up for FREE in less than 5 minutes from now. This includes access to many different themes, and you can create your own websites within ANY niche of your choice in the world. Promote any programs, products, lifestyles, tips and tricks, life experiences, literally ANYTHING YOU WANT, on your site AND the best part is you will have access to a community of people who will help and train you in building your site each step of the way.

There is a Simple Two-Step Process:

(1) Create your FREE Starter Wealthy Affiliate account —>>> Click Here

(2) Build your WordPress Website

It is really that simple. These sites are also getting awesome rankings in Google.

Call To Action

Please do me one favor. Since I (hopefully) helped you get a website up and running, please come back and post your website within the comments section below (free traffic for you). Also, please share this page with any friends or family members that that would also like to create their own websites.

As always, I am here to help. Feel to free to post any questions or comments below. Really looking forward to seeing your own personal websites!

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2 thoughts on “Create a WordPress Website in 30-Seconds”

  1. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate does a great job by allowing us that are not computer savvy be able to make a website easy as can be.
    I wish I would have found this years ago!

    • Hi there Les,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. That is so true, same here! It’s been a true game-changer for me as well 🙂

      Best of luck with your journey!


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