Does LeadsLeap Pay? My Review

So, what is LeadsLeap? How does LeadsLeap work? If you are serious about your online business you might have been missing out on this hidden gem of a website. I trust and hope that this site, and all its features, will bring you as much success as it has for me over the years. Here is my summary review.

Background and Site Info

LeadsLeap was started back in 2008 by one of the greatest admins out there, Kenneth Koh. Kenneth is a very active admin and communicates well with his members. You can tell he cares about wanting everyone to achieve success online. The site also consistently introduces improvements and upgrades to its great range of tools and features. LeadsLeap already has over 119K members (incredible), is packed full of awesome features and provides one of the best advertising sources out there.

How Does LeadsLeap Work

LeadsLeap has tons of great features. At the heart of the website is the ability to advertise your own website, or earning opportunities, to thousands of other like-minded people. In turn, you earn advertising credits by viewing the websites of other members and rating them (another great feature). These credits can also be converted into cash.

LeadsLeap offers great value to both Free and Upgraded members. With the credits earned through surfing other advertisements you can post your own ‘Credit Ads’ – this can be for your own website, or any other money-making opportunities you want to promote. You can add as many sites as you please and this is for both free and upgraded members.

Some advantages of being upgraded:

– Post 10 Pro Ads (That’s right – you can post 10 ads that get advertised 24/7 on the site for FREE. The amount of traffic your website, or any other money-making opportunities, can get through this is awesome).

– Affiliate commissions boost.

– You get additional features when using the Link Tracker.

– Get free spillover followers. The referral system on LeadsLeap goes 10-levels deep. Upgraded members earn free spillover followers when people join the site without uplines, or their uplines disappear, and you then earn free credits whenever they surf/view any advertisements. These credits can be used for more advertising for you, or get encashed (see Ways to Earn below).

– The ability to message all of your referrals, and spillover referrals, directly – 10 levels deep. That is an incredible way to ‘build your list’ for free.

– Monthly upgrade cost is $27.

(Tip: If this option interests you – look out for the great OTO (one-time) offer when signing-up. The ability to lock-in an upgraded membership of just $19.99 a month is then offered – this is great value. The owner also tends to offer this once or twice a year on special holidays or Black Friday events.)

Ways To Earn

There are four (4) main ways to earn an income with LeadsLeap. The minimum cash-out amount is $10 and is always paid on time.

1:) Daily Active Bonus – View at least 10 ads from other members to earn daily. (usually 3 – 5 cents)

2:) Credit Encashment – LeadsLeap provides the option to buy-back advertising credits that are not used. (50 credits usually goes for between 7 – 8 cents directly into your wallet)

3:) PPC Earnings – Pay Per Click. There are two options here. You have the ability to monetize when using the Link Tracker feature, or add the LeadsLeap widget to your website or blog. This ensures that some LeadsLeap ads get shown (in a non-intrusive manner) on your website/blog, or when advertising your own opportunities using the link tracker. When someone clicks on any of these ads, you earn money. This gets paid weekly into your wallet every Friday.

4:) Affiliate Commissions – Earn recurring 25% (Free Member) or 50% (Upgraded Member) commissions monthly when your referrals upgrade. Yes, even Free members can earn great commissions on LeadsLeap.

What I Like About LeadsLeap

– LeadsLeap is a GREAT source of advertising for whatever website or opportunity you want to promote. You promote to REAL like-minded people and target audiences. If you divide the upgrade cost for the 10 Pro Ads alone, this is great value to have each add run on autopilot 24/7 for a month.

– Various ways to earn cash (see Ways To Earn above)

– Advanced ‘Link-Tracker’ (Track the performance of all your links across the internet – can even be monetized)

– ‘List Manager’ and ‘Autoresponder’ for your email lists.

– Ad ‘Rotators’ and ‘Ad Bars’ to your sites.

– Create and manage custom Opt-in Forms with LeadsLeap’s unique ‘PopupXpert’ feature.

– Submit ‘Social Reviews’ (Share your experience of programs and earn additional free advertising – with your affiliate links)

– Because this site offers SO MUCH value, people tend to want to upgrade as they see the value in it for growing their income opportunities. This in turns leads to great and long-running recurring commissions.

– The upgraded membership comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This just shows how confident the owner is in the quality of what LeadsLeap provides.

What I Dislike About LeadsLeap

The only negative aspect I can think of is that with all the features the site might come across as a bit intimidating for new users who have not come across terms like ‘Link Tracker’, ‘PPC’, ‘Rotators’, ‘Ad Bars’ etc before. That said, there is training provided on absolutely all the site’s features, so spending just a little time on the site itself should answer any and all of their questions.

Trusted Online Earning Site

To join LeadsLeap for free Click Here –>> Join HERE

Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions, or
would like to share you personal experience with the site. Would love to
hear it!

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10 thoughts on “Does LeadsLeap Pay? My Review”

  1. Thank you so much for the review!! I had never heard of this site before reading your post. It sounds like a really good opportunity for growing your online business. I will have to check it out.

    Thanks again!!

    • Hi Vicki,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. I’m sure if you are after great advertising for your business, and adding an additional source of income, you will not be disappointed by LeadsLeap 🙂

  2. Great review Eduan and Leadsleap is one of my favourite sites as you know!!

    • Thank you so much Ellie, appreciate it 🙂

      I am also planning to have your brilliant sites feature very prominently on this website soon!

  3. Hi Eduan
    Thank you for your review on Leadsleap. I would be keen to see some success stories of people who have earned commisions through this platform.
    Guess where I am headed next 😁

    • Hi Louise,

      Thank you for stopping by leaving a comment 🙂 – Indeed, some people are actually making a very descent additional income just from Leadsleap’s affiliate side of things along. Apart from that, you have QUALITY advertising running for REAL and like-minded people 24/7, which is great. The site also so many other great tools including list builders, capture page builders, widget tools, featured reviews in emails etc.

      A great asset and website for internet marketers/affiliates and advertisers!

      Hope to see you here again.


  4. This is the first time hearing about this program that has much to offer and it looks like a great investment.

    • Hi Norman,

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Indeed it can be if used correctly – it can be a great additional income stream, but also a powerful source of advertising 🙂


  5. I’m a member of Leadsleap and all you said in your review is absolutely true, some people believe the safelist and some TE don’t work but this one do, thanks for sharing and spreading the word, I’m certainly doing the same. thank you much for this review.

    • Good evening Earl,

      Thanks for stopping by. I completely agree, there are many TE options out there especially, but LeadsLeap offers much more quality than most out there 🙂

      Happy earnings.


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