How To Earn $100 A Day Plan

If you are reading this post you are probably one of the many, many people out there wondering how some people are earning $100+ per day from online earning websites. I know I personally always wondered how some people can achieve this, while others keep struggling long hours for pennies. The answer simply lies is following a good strategy 🙂

To be honest there are lots of different ways to earn $100+ per day, so I will make this my first post in a series of how to “Earn $100 a day online” posts. I really hope if you are reading this you find some value in these different strategies. I recommend finding one or two using websites you enjoy using the most, and then scale-up and start incorporating the other strategies once you start doing well with these.

Ps. You will also then notice how these strategies can even cross-promote one another to boost your earnings even further!

The First How To Earn $100 A Day Strategy

Here is the first strategy that could see you eventually earning $100 a day when you have around 1 hour available daily AND you are looking for something very simple. The core of this system will see you spending around 1 hour per day just surfing websites.

First action: You need to join both the websites below for this system. Both are 100% FREE to join.

Click Here to Join Site 1

Click Here to Join Site 2

Both of these websites will pay you a small amount of cash for surfing a certain number of pages daily. However, there are MUCH higher amounts of cash available if you learn how to use them both smartly. That is exactly what I am going to teach you to do next.

Step 1

The very first thing you need to do after signing-up to both sites is to get into a routine of surfing at least 100 – 150 pages on each site (the more you surf daily, the more you will
earn). As stated earlier, this will start your earnings with a very small amount of cash.

Website Surfing Tip — The most effective way to do the surfing (and the fastest) is to open both websites at the same time in 2 different tabs.

The result: As well as earning a little cash from the surfing itself, you will also be earning advertising credits.

Step 2

Now to step 2. After earning some advertising credits on both the sites, you can simply add your referral links and start to cross-promote both websites. In other words, you can add your referral link for Site 1 onto Site 2, and vice versa. The reason for doing this is that it will work to promote both sites simultaneously for you while you surf, and thus helps you to get new team members onto BOTH sites at the same time and builds YOUR downline team on each.

Here is another pro-earning tip for you:

  • Instead of simply adding your direct referral links on each of the sites, I suggest you use some free tools that are provided by another site called Leadsleap. (Click here to join). This site is also 100% FREE to join.
  • The reason for using Leadsleap: You simply add your referral links for both site 1 and site 2 into the “tracking links” tool on Leadsleap, then use your ad credits on both sites to share the new tracker link you will get on Leadsleap for both instead. In doing so, you will not only be able to track exactly how many visitors your referral links are getting for each link (this includes tracking your hits on ANY advertising site you use), you will also start earning cash on Leadsleap as well. In other words, you will not only be tracking your results smartly, but also starting to earn more for doing exactly the same thing….(See a full LeadsLeap review HERE)

Step 3

Now to Step 3. This is now the most important step in the entire process as this is what moves you to the next earning level and speeds everything up. After you have earned enough to do so on the sites themselves, or even before if you are happy to pay before you earn, you should use those funds to upgrade your account on BOTH these sites (it will cost you under $10 for upgrading on both). Upgrading not only increases the advertising you get (which helps with team building faster), it also qualifies you for HIGHER LEVELS OF EARNING.

Step 4

Now to Step 4. If love this part as I can gladly allow you to copy or share this post/strategy with your own team members.

To get to the magic figure, and start earning $100 per day, will be achieved through team building and sharing this info with your new or existing team members. You will need to work on this system consistently to reach this earning target.

Another Pro-earning tip: Contact any new team members you get as soon as you can after they join and thank them for joining under you, and importantly ask if they need any free guidance. Doing this will help you build a relationship with them, and that usually results in much more active team members for you.

Stay tuned. More similar earning strategies to come on this website soon.

As always, happy earnings!

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