Instant Profits Club Review – Great Affiliate Opportunity

Instant Profits Club Review

Instant Profits Club

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Instant Profits Club Description

Instant Profits Club is a membership that gives you access to a money-making income opportunity that will allow you to get paid for giving away free memberships. It is a very simple and rather unusual system of making money online that does not require you to have a physical product, website, or even a clue about Internet marketing — which is great for many people out there looking to get started with affiliate marketing.

To get started you just sign up and follow all the instructions. There will be no hosting or setup required, and it only takes a spare 30-minutes maximum to implement properly. Even if you are brand new to the industry, you can start making money with it Instant Profits Club as there are no technical hurdles whatsoever.

Cost to Join: $0.00 (Free Membership)

Instant Profits Club Target

The Instant Profits Club membership is targeted to people who are interested in making money online and who want to build a sustainable income without having to jump through hoops, or dodging any technical hurdles in doing so. Since there is no cost to join, and no specific skills needed to participate, anyone can benefit from this regardless of their financial situation or even educational background.

How Instant Profits Club Works:

1. Once you are inside the members area, you will receive simple instructions for getting your personal affiliate link. You can then use this to give away free membership passes to Instant Profits Club. (Yes, requesting your affiliate link is as easy as clicking a button.)

2. The system is then set to automatically approve all new members instantly, which means you can get started right away without having to wait for any approval.

3. You will then be provided with lots of ready-made promotional tools like banners, social media posts, pre-written ad copy, and email swipes that make it easy for anyone to participate and starting promoting their own affiliate links.

4. When any new members join through your affiliate link, they will have the “option” to “enhance” their membership with exclusive upgrades and add on modules, which they can use to get even more value from their Instant Profits Club membership.

5. When your referrals choose to purchase any of the optional additional upgrades, you get paid! Simple as that.

What I Like About Instant Profits Club

I like how the creators of the system have gone above and beyond to put together a system that absolutely anyone can participate in and benefit from without requiring any technical skills, or without any selling for that matter. Essentially, all you are doing is giving away something of value for free and letting the system then do the rest for you.

Absolutely everything is handled for you, including processing membership subscriptions and delivering upgrades to members, which means you can just focus on referring as many people as you possibly can. The promotional tools they provide are extremely professional and they really work in attracting new people to the site.

What I Don’t Like About Instant Profits Club

What is there not to like? I gave this system a 5-star rating because frankly I could not find any flaws with it. If I had to pick something, it would be in regard to having to generate traffic to your affiliate link, but this is the case for absolutely ANY affiliate product out there.

Since your role is simply to send traffic and visitors to the site, you should have at least some knowledge about how to get them there anyway (think Traffic exchanges, PTC sites, social media, forums, paid advertising, solo ad emails etc). However, if you do not have any experience with this, or you do not want to handle the traffic generation yourself, there is even an optional upgrade feature that will allow you to get traffic and clicks to your affiliate link hands-free and this will all be handled for you.

Bonus Training

Included with your free Instant Profits Club membership is powerful training detailing several “Instant Cash Methods” which you can use right away to increase your income outside of this system. You can begin watching this series of video lessons immediately from inside of the members area.

The purpose of this course is to help you take action and generate cash quickly online. You will learn about several models and resources which you can start using to set up new income streams. This will also help you shortcut your learning curve from years into just a couple of short hours.

There is absolutely no cost for this training and is yet another “perk” for joining Instant Profits Club today!

Available Upgrades

Here are the various upgrades that are available to you as a FREE member and that you will earn commissions from when any of your referrals choose any of them.

Profits Boost PRO Upgrade


After joining, you will have the option to upgrade your membership to the PRO level.

As a PRO member, you can instantly “boost” your commissions to 100% on all front end PRO level sales you make.

Plus you receive a series of ADVANCED videos, extra marketing materials such as featured ad graphics, social share images, and even your own copy of this review page.


Leads Converter System


The second upgrade is one of my personal favorites, because it allows you to generate leads of your own and convert your subscribers into members automatically.

I suggest choosing this upgrade so you can build a list to market additional offers to and increase your income.

Plus there is a set of 10 reports you can brand with your sign up page link in 1-click and give away to get traffic to your system.


Commission Jack Addon


The creators are being quite generous with this upgrade, by allowing members to place their affiliate link for a high ticket ClickBank product inside the Instant Profits Club members area.

This gives you serious back end profits potential as your link can be clicked by any members, not just the members you refer.

For every sale that is generated through your link, you receive a $750 commission and all you have to do is submit your ClickBank ID through the system.


Traffic Accelerator Program


This upgrade is the “shortcut” that will fully automate your Instant Profits Club system and is perfect for anyone who wants the traffic generation handled for them.

As a “Traffic Accelerator” participant, you get the luxury of having hands-free traffic delivered to you every month, so all you have to do is submit your affiliate link and start receiving
clicks, sign ups and sales without doing anything yourself.

This upgrade is highly recommended and a great way to get unlimited traffic 100% done for you.


Instant Reseller License


The final upgrade offer is the one with the greatest potential to make you a lot of money, by paying you 100% of the profits you generate across the ENTIRE sales funnel – up to $275 a pop!

To create a sales funnel on your own, especially one like this, takes a staggering amount of work. But now you can bypass all the tedious chores and practically “steal” the Instant Profits Club sales funnel and sell it as your own.

Best part is there’s nothing to create, setup, or install. It’s all handled for you.

While these upgrades are completely optional, they do add a lot of extra value to your membership should you decide to choose them.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Instant Profits Club is free to join and requires no previous experience to be successful. There is no other system like this available that allows you to give away free memberships and start earning commissions.

The key to this system is you can make money without any selling. Since all you’re doing is giving away something of value for free, this makes it easy to get referrals into the sales funnel. The rest is handled for you behind the scenes.

So go ahead and click the button below to get started now. You can register your free membership on the next page.

Instant Profits Club


By purchasing anything through this site, you should assume we have a monetary incentive and/or affiliate relationship with the company providing the product or service that you purchase, and that we will be paid in some way.

Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions, or would like to share you personal experience with Instant Profits Club. Would love to hear it!

As always, stay safe and happy earnings!

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10 thoughts on “Instant Profits Club Review – Great Affiliate Opportunity”

  1. This is an interesting organization, I have never heard of instant profits club. It sounds like you earn commissions through referrals but I was wondering how the club actually makes money. Does it have products/services it sells? Is it a multi level marketing kind of program. I would definitely need more information if I were to invest time and money in the organization. With so many programs out there right now it’s hard to know which ones are legit or not. I’ll have to look into this one.

    • Hi there AL.S,

      Thanks for checking out the post. Indeed you earn commissions from IPC. To briefly explain the structure – There are basically 7-stages/products within the platform. The prices of each product is listed in the post above. The commissions are basically then split 50-50 between the developers (how they make money) and you as an affiliate. I personally chose the first $17 upgrade, which includes personalized landing pages, promotional tools, additional training and the best part is it boosts your commissions on the first upgrade to 100%.

      Hope that makes sense. The value in promoting this is that the membership is FREE to give away to new prospects. People love that. The free membership also includes access to the platform and some good training on marketing itself – and of course you can remain a free member and start promoting/giving away free memberships to other people then as well – of course if any of them upgrade you earn commissions.

      The best part is that because each of the seven products offers a LOT of value in itself, and provides additional tools that will boost your sales and build your lists even further, many people tend to upgrade through the funnel at later stages once they see the value for themselves – this means more commissions for you again and again – it’s a win-win 🙂

      I will personally be using commissions earned to upgrade myself through the upgrade stages – thus boosting my business, while (apart from the initial upgrade I chose of $17), not using any money out-of-pocket.

      Feel free to get in touch any time if you have any questions, or just start with your own free membership and check out the platform for yourself – nothing to lose here and no commitments, maybe you will enjoy it! 😉

      Happy earnings,


  2. This sounds like an interesting way to make some extra cash but I do have a few questions.  Is this a traffic site?  Can I direct traffic to my website as well as directing traffic to this website?  Are the prices you listed monthly membership fees?  If so, are they all separate fees or cumulative?    I look forward to your reply!

    • Hi Cynthia,

      Thanks so much for checking out the post and leaving a comment 🙂

      All the product fees listed are once-off (not monthly), and you can use the strategy I will be using of using commissions earned to upgrade them one at a time. The great thing here is that as your leads see the value in it, and do the same, you will also be earning commissions each time any of them take up any of the products.

      Of course this all starts with giving away a FREE membership to the platform, which people really enjoy as there are no commitments attached

      To answer your first question, this is not a traffic site in itself, but rather you get your own personalized advertising landing pages, email swipes, banners, even forum, signature and social media branding with your own referral links embedded in them – your job is then to drive traffic to these and get people to take up their own free memberships. From there the sales funnel takes care of itself and everything is automated. Hope that makes sense 🙂 Please let me know if you need any further guidance.

      I will mention though, you might be interested in the “Traffic Accelerator Program” product especially. Below is a brief description from the platform on what this product entails – each product offers a lot of value on its own.

      “This upgrade is perfect for members who want the traffic generation handled for them. As a “Traffic Accelerator” participant, you get the luxury of having hands-free traffic delivered to you every month. So all you have to do is submit your Instant Profits Club affiliate link and start receiving clicks, signups and sales without doing anything yourself.”

      Hope you take up the free membership to check it all out for yourself 🙂

      Happy earnings and regards,


  3. Thanks for this article Instant Profits Club review, according to what I read it really sounds like a great affiliate opportunity. You really described in detail everything you need to know before you join. Maybe I’ll join sometime in the future. What upgrade do you have? 

    I am now in the phase of just completing an upgrade in one area, and I have just joined a new platform that I have yet to explore. I like to finish certain chapters first before joining something new so as not to overload myself with too many things at once.
    I wish you much success,

    • Good evening Nina,

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I agree its a very nice affiliate opportunity. I’m currently on the first upgrade only (as it boosts my commissions to 100%), but will be upgrading through the funnel using affiliate commissions as they come in. This will then boost my earnings even further as the upgrades boost your traffic and opens up more ways to earn from the platform along with offering some great tools and training – it’s a win-win :). Hoping to see you on the inside – feel free to get in touch any time you might need any assistance.

      Regards, Eduan.

  4. Thanks for writing a review on this. I had never heard of Instant Profits Club. There are many different ways to make money online. Some will be a great fit for certain individuals and others will have success with another model. I will have to check out this Instant Profits Club. I have been mostly using content marketing to earn affiliate commissions. That can take a long time especially if you are only doing it part-time. 

    • Hi Melinda,

      Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment. Yes, its always interesting to learn how people prefer to make money online in different ways! People tend to think that affiliate marketing is ‘one-type’ of thing that one does, but there are many different aspects to it. Personally, I like to focus on products/items that offer good value, is easy to use and understand, of affords people of all levels of experience to sink their teeth into 🙂

      Hoping to see you on the inside.

      Kinds regards and happy earnings,


  5. Hello! This is the first time I heard about Instant Profits Club and I have to say that it looks like a very interesting opportunity. You mentioned in your article the available upgrades, is there one that you recommend in particular? If you had to choose one, which one would you recommend from someone who is just starting with this? Thanks so much!

    • Hi there Caro,

      Thanks for stopping by. In terms of the upgrades it will depend a lot on your personal budget as each upgrade offers a lot of value in itself. To be clear, no upgrades are required to start earning from this, but if you are looking at sharing and promoting the opportunity I would suggest taking up the initial one-time $17 upgrade. Simple reason being, this immediately boosts your affiliate commissions from 50% to 100% (throughout the entire funnel/all products anyone you share this with takes up now, or later). So you can see how this can be very lucrative financially 🙂

      Again my personal strategy, take up the first upgrade and then use affiliate commissions to upgrade further.

      Hope to see you on the inside!

      Take care,



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