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Wad Ojooo Company Details and Overview

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Strange name right? Don’t let that fool you. This Germany Hamburg-based advertising company has been around and paying its users for many  years. Personally, this is my favorite of the trusted PTC sites. Ojooo also has a mobile app from which one can do you daily ad clicks within minutes. This is really useful when you are on the go.

Ojooo Earning Options

The Ojooo minimum cashout is only $2 and this can be achieved rather quickly. If you want to build long-term earning profile see my recommended Ojooo strategy below. Apart from doing the daily add clicks (NB: This needs to be done daily to earn from your referrals), there are also various offerwalls available if you want to increase earnings faster. Personally, I also do the daily free OjoooGrid ad clicks – sometimes you can win a nice cash bonus on there, which also boosts your progress.

Payment and funding options include:

– Bitcoin

– Ethereum

(If you still need to set-up a FREE account with any of the payment processors click here)

Ojooo Earning Strategy

Step 1) Start for free by joining and start doing all of your daily add clicks.

Step 2) When your balance reaches $0.20 rent your first 1st referral, or wait until $0.60 and rent your first 3. Referrals are rented for 30 days at a time and new ones can be rented every 7 days.

Step 3) Repeat this process until you reach 100 rented referrals (maximum allowed for standard member). Save up your account balance until you reach $20 and upgrade to monthly ‘Economy’ membership. This upgrade will immediately increase the value of your own, and referral clicks, as well as increase your rented referral limit to 2500.

Step 4) Start renting again weekly and build towards that 2500 number. Once you reach that goal, upgrade to the top-level Ojooo Privilege membership, which again boost your earnings and referral limit to 5,000.

Step 5) As you progress through the steps you will see your earnings start building faster and faster. Although it is tempting to cash-out as soon as you can (and your are more than welcome too), some patience in building your Ojooo account will reap good rewards in the end.

Referral Renting Tip: Many people have their own opinions on this and this differs from PTC to PTC. What I found works for me with Ojooo rented referrals is letting them run their course and then turning the ‘autopay’ feature on for each referral individually when they reach 10 days left. When referrals reach less than 4-5 days, extend them by another 30 days. Also be sure to ‘recycle’ very inactive ones.

Note: Of course if you enjoy promoting and can get direct referrals under you this will boost your income and your account will move quicker, but I know this is not for everyone and thus renting them is a great benefit. Also, if you do want to invest money into the site to boost your Ojooo account faster – just be sure to follow a good strategy similar to the one above and you will succeed.

Ojooo Pros and Cons

Ojooo is a trusted and reliable company with high earnings potential. The only negative is that you will need to follow a good strategy to building a nice sustainable income profile. Doing this, along with being sure to do your daily ad clicks, will ensure you success with this site.

Trusted Online Earning Site

To Join Ojooo free click here –>>> Join Ojooo

Please feel free to drop a comment below if you have any questions, or would like to share you personal experience with the site. Would love to hear it!

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