Simple Monthly Money Review

I have decided to dedicate a page of the website to one of my favorite online earning platforms out there – Simple Monthly Money.


The website is the brainchild of one of my favorite online earning mentors – Ellie Murphy. She is from Ireland and has been a true voice of inspiration and guidance to a number of people who were looking for ways to earn money online, but did not have a clue where to begin, which websites to use and trust, and of course how to leverage those websites to build and increasing monthly income, and not just do daily ad clicks for pennies (we’ve all been there).

Goals of Simple Monthly Money

To quote from the website “Simple Monthly Money (SMM) is designed specifically to help anyone to earn a monthly income online in the easiest way possible, starting completely for free.” Yes, you can start using the website 100% for free and start to build an increasing monthly income, while learning various skills and earning methods along the way.

Ellie also has a fast-growing Facebook page – where I am also very active – to assist you along the way, as well as offers free coaching and further online earning tips via email. If you register under me below, I will also gain access to your email and we can be in constant contact if you need any direct assistance about the platform or different websites being used to earn from, have any questions or just need some encouragement.

Another big aspect of Simple Monthly Money is that as you progress you diversify into various different types of websites and earning platforms, which thus offers much-needed protection in terms of having diversified income streams. If you have been in the online earning game for a while, then I am sure you will know, there are exceptions (which of course we know of and leverage), but online earning websites very often sooner or later turn scam, stop paying, or just simply disappear.

How Simply Monthly Money Works Simple Monthly Money

The basic idea is that you will be going through very basic steps – starting at step 1 and progressing to stage 6 – stage 7 onward is currently being developed. Each step on the website comes with very clear and easy training and instructions to follow.

Each step of SMM is slightly more advanced than the previous one – and where any costs are involved you will be using costs already made from the use of previous sites. That is one of the best aspects of the platform – you start with $0 out of pockets expenses, and just grow your earning potential from there.

I won’t be listing all the websites included in the various steps here as this might be a bit disrespectful to Ellie and the platform, but I can assure you that each site is well-established, trusted and paying! There is a good mix of PTC, Survey, Crypto and advertising platforms. As you join sites and move through each step you will in turn update your referral links on the SMM platform, and thus anyone who joins SMM under you will in turn assist in building your own downlines in each of these sites.

I’m sure you can already see the benefits behind this concept? (Building multiple income streams from good websites with growing downlines in each)

Once you get to step 3 – SMM also has its own internal monthly upgrade option for just $1. Again, this you will have already earned from using the free-to-join websites in steps 1 and 2 – thus using no money out-of-pocket. This $1 upgrade is great as it earns you some free advertising of your SMM referral link, on top of your own efforts of course, as well provides you a $0.50 commission for each of your referrals which get to this stage and upgrade. Yes, you just opened up another income stream!

As you grow through the training steps and phases, your income will start to increase, you will learn various new skills and methods, and the best part of all – when people joining you start doing the same – you start building passive residual income from different platforms and websites.

Below I have included a video Ellie did (found on the user dashboard of SMM, which also gives a video walk-through of how SMM works).

Simply Monthly Money Pros and Cons

Some of Main Benefits

– Easy to use platform and FREE to start

– Only trusted and paying websites included

– Build various and diversified income streams

– Great training in aspects of leverage, advertising and building residential passive income

– Lots of guidance and assistance if needed (FB, email etc)

– Great community of users willing to help

– For new and experienced users


The only real challenge is that due to the fast-growing user base and FB group, Ellie does sometimes take some time to address and answer all questions or any concerns new users might have, but this is currently being addressed by getting some older group members (like myself) to assist people still getting to know the platform. Apart from that, the simplicity yet brilliance of the website if set-up in such a way that it is very easy to follow the system.


Simply Monthly Money was built from scratch by someone who actually cares about teaching others how to make good earning online, like she is (of, did I mention Ellie is earning thousands and thousands of dollars every month passively?). I have a lot of respect for people who are willing to share their knowledge, insights and skills which took them years to learn themselves.

So don’t delay – come join our ever-growing SMM family and start making online earning educational and worth it.

To Join Simple Monthly Money –>> CLICK HERE

For any questions, your own experiences with Simple Monthly Money, or simply just to say ‘Hi’, please feel free to drop a comment below and I will be sure to get back to you.

As always, stay safe and happy earning! 🙂

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