Writing With Purpose

Why Write With Purpose

If you are serious about making a success online through affiliate marketing/blogging/network marketing, or anything else that requires you to create online content – then yes, doing your writing with a purpose is very important.

First of all, do not get me wrong – NEVER SPAM – although some people use this tactic to drive traffic, it will never lead to recurring and good quality traffic, and of course, people WILL get annoyed with you – thus taking away from what should be your main goal – to have people trusting the content/products/programs or ideas you want to share with them.

At the time of reading this post you will fall into one of the following two categories – you will simply either already have a website, or you won’t – let’s have look at both scenarios.

Why Have a Website?

Getting people to start knowing, building a relationship and trusting you and whatever it is you are passionate about (be it through general blogging/content writing/affiliate marketing/network marketing etc – the list goes on), the best way to achieve this is through having your own portal, a place where people who enjoy what you do can keep coming back too when they wish, in other words – having your own website.

Does the idea of setting-up or creating a website sound daunting? If maybe you are as clueless about this (as I was) just a few months back – then yes, it probably does. I am interested, or might have thought about it in the past, but where do I begin? What are the costs of setting up a website? How do I know if I am doing it right? Probably just some of the questions that might arise when thinking about it, right? The GOOD news is, or at least it was to me when I discovered it, is that the entire process can be interesting, simple and actually very enjoyable through the right platform and with the right people helping you. Want to know more? Here is a previous post I did on this — Create a Website in 30-Seconds.

Build a WordPress Site in 30 Seconds

How to Write With Purpose

Already have a website, Great!

One of the main challenges and needs in building out and growing any form of website is to continuously try to write content with a clear purpose and intent. Dependent on what your specific niche is (what your website is generally about), this will be more important on some websites than on others. No point in telling people how great website A, or product B, or affiliate program C is, and then not share with readers how to actually visit/sign-up/earn an income from, or use whatever it is you are promoting, right? Why spend time in creating good content which you don’t directly benefit from – and more importantly, the interested readers can’t join or benefit from themselves as well.

Always keep in mind when creating and putting content out there, it is literally there for the world to see. So writing with purpose and clear intent is key.

Some Basics in Writing With Purpose

  1. Actually know the details of what it is your are reviewing/sharing or talking about.
  2. Be sure to list all the benefits and advantages of using the product/service/program or website.
  3. Show your readers how using what you are promoting might help them solve specific problems they might be having. Or maybe you are promoting something that will assist people to earn money online? Great, SHOW them how!
  4. NEVER spam, but along with providing good quality content – always include the affiliate links to whatever it is you want to share with your audience in a respectful manner. This allows the reader to make informed decisions in a non-intrusive and subtle manner. And remember – the leads you generate in this way, will be true and quality leads and people who want to actually learn from you, work with you, and EARN with you!

If you want to start creating your own unique content and learn how to start writing with purpose with step-by-step guidance and training, come join me and the great community HERE FOR FREE!

Those are just a few very simple steps – for a more in-depth lesson on writing with purpose and intent, I recommend clicking on the image below and watching the training video.

Wealthy Affiliate Training

I truly hope this post was helpful to some readers out there. As always, if you want to share any insights on the post, or share your own knowledge and experience on this topic, please feel free to share them in the comments section below. Would love to hear it!

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6 thoughts on “Writing With Purpose”

  1. Hi Eduan,

    Thanks for this piece of incisive information on the need to write with a purpose. As a content marketer myself, i make sure my content is evergreen for the purpose of giving value to my readers. I hope newbies in the online space will see this to learn how important it is.

    • Hi Wilfred,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Sounds like your head is definitely already in the right space 🙂

  2. Some persons call having a website or compare it to having a piece of online realeaste. Owning a websites is where you share that which you are passionate about and interested in hoping to have a group of persons who would be intereted in what you have to share. But in owning a website there are rules that must be followed to drive traffic writing with a puropse being one of those rules that plays such a huge and major rule. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Hi Norman,

      Yes, that is 100% how I see it as well – you hit the nail right on the head there 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.


  3. I agree that writing with purpose is essential. When we focus on provding relevant content with the intention of being of service to our target market, we will have fulfilled our purpose. Thanks for this most relevant information.

    • Hi there Joseph,

      Only a pleasure. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this as well. I agree, no matter what your niche or website is about, each and every article should add value and purpose.

      All the best,


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